What I would tell myself if I was 16 again…

Coming from one women to the other I know first hand just how horrible it can be to be a Junior in high school going threw weird body changes. Fat goes not exactly where you want it to go and boys start critiquing more. It is probably the worst feeling when you look in a mirror and you hate everything about yourself. You can be a normal looking, average sized girl and just think you look like the most grotesque thing on the planet. Being in high school: from being worried about college, school work, friends, and boys the last thing a girl needs is to basically hate what she looks like.

The fashion industry is not much help in that. I have loved fashion since I could talk. It has become a part of me and probably won’t ever leave. Magazines lined my bedroom walls and I kept stacks of them to reference back to. Just like every normal (or maybe not) girl I idolised the models that got to wear Chanel, D&G, Marc Jacobs and so much more. But, one thing always seemed the same about them. They all had the smallest bodies I had ever seen, something that I clearly did not think I had. Their legs seemed never ending while mine seemed short and fat. I mean of course I knew about Photoshop, but for some reason these images captivated me and made me want to look just like them. They seemed happy and they were having the time of their lives.

It might have just been what I call the “high school blues” but looking at those ads made me simply hate myself for the way I looked. I knew I probably wasn’t the only one going threw this nor would I be the last. But seriously girls if you can get past this the truth really does come out. I know this sounds cliché but everyone really is beautiful in their own way. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves some encouraging words or some, “hey I don’t look that bad in this and it could always be worse.” We all have down days and fashion should be the last thing to bring us down.

It didn’t exactly surprise me when I found out the majority of juniors and seniors in high school were on a diet (Radars Programs). Should this be the norm for girls? Of course not. Will it ever change? I hope so. Fashion is supposed to make us feel beautiful and glamorous, not want to hate ourselves and be some unrealistic body shape. The fashion industry is starting to step in and try to change that. With more normal sized women gracing the covers and runway shows my hope is that every girl can feel beautiful about the way that she looks. (Just a heads up the majority of guys prefer normal to curvy girls over super thin ones!) Hopefully with even more changes to the industry and what we see on the media, we can feel like we actually relate more to the models or actors instead of being an adoring fan.

(Mad Men (normal sized) actress Christina Hendricks)

Though it might be hard to shrug off that annoying voice saying you aren’t pretty or good enough it’s always good to remind yourself of a few good things about yourself to tighten your mood. Just remember a smile can make anyone look like a movie star. Plus it’s only high school now use in beating yourself up in a place where nothing really matters anyway.

Keep your heads up girls and be the strong and confident women that I know you are. (:

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